• Thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given X, you have gone above and beyond with him and the difference in him is wonderful.
    Sarah Abbott, Employer Liaison Officer, Paignton Sec College
  • Thanks so much Paul!

    Sparkling water is all in the fridge ready for your arrival later! :)

    I must tell you, my partner heard B on the phone to a friend last night discussing her work with you, and my partner said this is the most motivated he’s heard B in a very longtime! B was raving about you! Most importantly she finally sees the path we are guiding her to choose and us ALL working collaboratively will help her to achieve the independent, successful life that she wants and deserves for herself. We’re so happy with this opportunity to work with you has come at the perfect time for our B and we’re ecstatic she has been blessed with such an inspiring key worker! Have a great afternoon. 😊

  • I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your work with the family, they have found it really useful and it is so positive that their son has a placement and is excited to start this.
    Family Intervention Team
  • I am just reflecting on working with EB, and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  EB continues to speak about you positively and was clearly surprised that you visited her on the college taster day, despite her telling you she was too unwell to attend.  It would have been simple to ‘let this go’ as another missed appointment, but you have persevered (despite the frustration of missed appointments, lack of response to calls/texts etc) and I can clearly see that EB is engaging with you in the best way she can.  EB’s opinion of you is such that, although it might seem limited, she is making progress with you.  Many thanks for all your effort!
    Consultant Social Worker