Our partners play an integral role in our delivery, both in terms of operational delivery and strategic input. We have established a strong partnership for the delivery of our projects providing our supply chain with the tools they need to deliver a highly successful service.

All of our partners have been carefully selected for their proven track record of delivering excellent service, their valuable local knowledge, and their position in (and relationships with) local communities, key stakeholders and young people. They also all share our ethos, values and commitment to helping some of the most disadvantaged people across the country.

Our partners offer a range of support and development services. These services range from confidence and self-esteem building and skill development to specialist support for participants with complex needs such as mental health issues, learning difficulties, criminal histories and homelessness.

By working in partnership with these organisations, we aim to help participants to build and develop their confidence, key skills and experience at a pace they are comfortable with and with the support they need to overcome the challenges they are facing.